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How to Build a Winning Small Business Brand

May 6, 2022

By: Nicola Reid

Establishing a strategic brand identity for your small business has never been more important. Consumer needs and preferences continue to evolve each year, and companies must tailor their experiences on and offline to stay relevant and make a mark in the industry.

But what exactly is a brand identity? How do you develop a strong, unique brand? Can the average business owner do it themselves, or should they have professionals handle all the tasks involved?

A lot goes into creating a robust brand that sets your business apart from others and attracts customers. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do, even if you’re overwhelmed with other business ownership responsibilities. Whether you choose to build your own brand from the ground up, hire an agency to do it, or mix these two strategies, this information and advice from My Creative Pixel can get you off to a great start!  

Brand Definition      

Your business brand is what deliberately differentiates it from other businesses. In other words, it positions your company as a unique entity and influences customer perception. Creating a brand requires strategy and making your business stand out from the competition.

Your brand is essentially the story you tell your audiences across all channels. It uses visualizations, written language,and other elements to create a consistent brand identity. Below, we will talk about how you can develop a next-level brand.


Conducting Research

It’s critical to have an accurate view of the playing field before you start developing your brand. This means researching your target audience and market competitors.

For example, work hard to learn about the customers you want to sell to. Create customer profiles that include how you envision them and what you know about them (e.g., age, background, interests, etc.).Also, visit your target customers’ social media accounts, forums, and threads to see what they are excited about and how they prefer to interact with one another.

Along with researching your target audience,spend time looking at other companies in your industry or niche that are targeting the same market. Consider conducting a SWOT analysis to understand how your competitors are making decisions and connecting with customers. But if you don’t have the time for that, simply look through social media platforms and websites to see what kind of tone, messaging, and visuals they incorporate into their marketing strategies.


Selecting Your Name

What makes a good brand name is quite subjective because it really depends on how customers will respond, which is nearly impossible to predict. With that said, a strong name will convey your essence, be easy to remember, and clearly differentiate you from competitors.

If possible, go with a short-and-sweet name that customers can easily recognize and tell their friends about. The name should reflect the overall personality of your brand as well as your company’s values and offering.

Furthermore, try not to make it hard for your business to expand in the future. Stick with a name that represents your company’s current priorities but also leaves room for other ventures down the road.

Setting a Tone

Too many entrepreneurs and business owners make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone in all places. But a robust brand is one that is dedicated to a well-defined niche. Remember that you can expand in the future if that is something you want to do.

Establishing a brand personality will be one of the first stages in developing your brand strategy. Try to see your company as a person, and make a list of adjectives describing its character. Do you want to paint your business as trendy, elegant, edgy, or responsible?

Also, consider the story you want customers to hear from your brand. Effectively communicating your mission and values will create a sense of belonging for your audiences who share the same goals and ideals.

Creating a Logo    

When it comes to branding, many people first think about this. Your logo will, in many ways, serve as the center of your branding strategy. It will often be the first impression and most prominent presentation of your company to the masses. And if executed well, it can play a vital role in establishing your desired brand perception.

If you have no interest or skills to design your own logo, this is something worth hiring a professional for. A well-designed logo can cover up many other flaws in a brand strategy.

If you hire a web designer or graphic designer, you will likely need to email design ideas back and forth. This means that you will probably deal with large PDF files, which can complicate communication with your designers. try this PDF editor for free, which allows you to customize your files with drawings, sticky notes, texts, and other elements.


Expand Your Visual Identity

Your brand’s visual identity includes your logo but goes much further than that. It ensures that your brand’s appearance remains consistent across all of your marketing materials and efforts.

Work hard to create cohesive visual language on your social media posts, newsletter layouts, website design, product design,packaging, and so forth. This will help your business build brand recognition quickly and effectively. Here are a few components of visual identity to consider:

●     Logo

●     Typography

●     Photography

●     Brand colors

●     Icons


Find Your Brand Voice      

Once you establish your brand’s visual language, work toward discovering its voice. Your brand voice refers to the communication style you use when writing and talking to your audience. It’s essential to have a consistent voice in your landing pages, blog content,hashtags, social media posts, and even face-to-face interactions with customers. Keep your voice in line with your brand personality.

If your small business does not have a strategic and consistent brand identity, now is the time to make it happen. Consider the tips above as you prepare your team to develop a robust brand distinguishing your company from your competitors and attracting your target customers. You will build brand recognition and experience more sales in no time!

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