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The Best Tech Gear for Business Owners

August 18, 2019

Business owners have to wear a lot of hats on a daily basis, and they need to make sure they have the best gear to get the job done right every time. A lot of devices and software promise to make life for the busy business owner a little easier, but how many of those actually deliver? Check out our comprehensive list and stop wondering what the best tech gear is!

Go mobile with a tablet

Tablets have taken over recently as one of the most popular devices. More and more people are choosing to ditch laptops or bulky desktop computers and just choose to use a tablet full-time for all of their digital needs. While this might work for the average user, business owners will probably need the security and capability of a laptop or a larger computer. However, that doesn’t mean tablets are any less useful for them.

Tablets make traveling with important documents a breeze, and they are perfect for getting work done on the go. Use your tablet in a meeting to present important facts and figures or conduct a video call through your tablet software. Recent technology makes syncing your laptop to your tablet easier than ever! If you’re looking for a tablet for yourself, check out some of these and get the one that best suits your needs.

Tune out distractions with noise canceling headphones

Whether you’re working in your office or on the go in public, noise canceling headphones can transform any space into a productive one. Office sounds and other auditory distractions can get in the way of your productivity. Wearing these headphones shows your employees that you mean business, and you aren’t to be disturbed unless absolutely necessary. Noise cancelling headphones used to be bulky and would take up a lot of space on your desk or in your workbag. Now, they’re smaller than ever and even come in the form of earbuds!

Prevent clutter with a wireless printer

In the digital age, printing has become almost obsolete. Nowadays, it’s more likely you’ll be using cloud services or digital documents to share your important files. That being said, printers are still an office staple. Streamline productivity with a wireless printer and say goodbye to endless cords. Wireless printers can make it easy for everyone in the office to print from their computer, and most of them can even connect to smartphone and tablet devices.

Protect your business with a smart wallet

It’s no surprise that we’ve integrated technology with even our watches nowadays. As a business owner, you likely have more than one company or store card in addition to your personal cards. With more hacking technology available to people looking to steal others’ information every day, it’s essential you protect yourself and your business from thieves and hacks.

Smart wallets feature not only location tracking technology in case you misplace your wallet, but they also have security measures to deter thieves. Some are even powerful enough to store all of your important credit cards and store cards in one place, so you only need to carry one all-purpose card! 

Organize your documents with a portable scanner or app

Business owners often juggle a lot of paperwork, client information, and business cards. That can quickly become an logistical nightmare if you don’t have a good system for filing things on the go. While you can use traditional filing cabinets and systems, these are bulky and can create clutter. They also make it challenging to quickly access files.

In this modern age, there’s a better solution. Portable scanners and even smartphone apps are now designed with these features in mind. Scanning is now as easy as snapping a photo with your smartphone or clicking a button on a small device. From there, your documents can be organized online with easy access to files or folders. No more carrying around endless business cards or shuffling through folders!

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Never lose a charge with a portable charger

If you’ve ever sat down for a meeting only to discover your laptop isn’t charged, you know how important it is to carry a portable charger. While the previous generation of portable charges didn’t pack much of a punch, the latest ones are strong enough to charge even your larger devices!

Today, there are many portable charging devices that can charge your laptop several times in addition to your smartphone. That means less time spent charging your devices and more time making the most of your business! It’s important to be prepared for everything when it comes to successfully running your business, and now you can travel with confidence.

Enter the modern age with cloud services

Cloud technology really is the future of business operations. Your business needs to have a strong cloud memory system in place, so you can run it as efficiently as possible. The days of local storage are gone, and now everything you could need on a daily basis is accessible with a few clicks of the mouse.

The most popular cloud service for businesses is G Suite by Google. G Suite comes with email management, domain management, and analytics which all help businesses run smoother. It also includes traditional Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides that streamline productivity. The best part about G Suite is how easy it is to integrate with other popular business programs like Trello and Slack. Access your files from anywhere in the world from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet!

The best tech gear can revolutionize a business

No business is complete without the right tech gear. As a business owner, you should want what’s best for your business. That means investing time and money into developing the best plan when it comes to utilizing technology. While there are a lot of options to choose from today when it comes to tech gear, it’s also important to recognize what you actually do need for your business and what you don’t. There needs to be a balance between people and computers to ensure your business operates at its best.

If you’re willing to develop the right strategy for technology and find quality tools that boost your productivity, you’ll be successful. This list outlined some of the best tech gear for business owners, and now it’s up to you to continue your research to fit all your needs!

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