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How to Grow Your Existing Business to New Heights

October 13, 2021

Now that you have your small business off the ground and running smoothly, it is time to look at expansion, both financially and as an organization. There are many moving pieces to take into consideration when looking to grow your business, from your staffing to your demographics and marketing strategies. Here are some great tips that you can try to evolve to the next level.

Hire the Right People

If you have your eye on expansion, then you need to be smart about hiring and find the right people that will put in the work to help your company grow. Training should be a priority once your team is in place and annual reviews should be completed every year to find areas where your folks are struggling and strategies for how they can continue to improve. 

A positive work environment is important during this transitional period. Management should have an open-door policy so any employees who are feeling unsatisfied can approach and talk through their issues. They will appreciate the chance to share and will show it with their work.

Finding quality talent is exceptionally important in your sales department. Social media platforms are a great place to find new talent as you can search for sales reps by location and check their prior work history and achievements to ensure they will be a great fit. While there may be additional costs involved, you can also go straight to sales-specific recruiting firms that have folks with proven sales experience ready to go.

Use Tech to Your Advantage

Technology is key in our evolving world and you need to use tech to your advantage by utilizing software that will help to organize your business and streamline your processes so you can focus on growth. One way to earn more profits is to expand the methods by which you can accept payments, so one idea is to implement mobile payments and a chip reader so you can earn from anywhere.

Your marketing efforts should also be on point, and you can organize your strategies with a great Content ManagementSystem (CMS). This system is instrumental for managing your blog, website platform, social media, and search engine optimization strategies and streamline them so you can reach a wider audience and increase your revenue.

Researching the proper technology for your specific business is instrumental during this time. Look for a comprehensive software suite that includes all of the important programs that can help your company to operate and grow. When your systems can truly “speak” to each other and work as one, your organization becomes more holistic and prone to success.

Manage Your Finances

When you are on top of your game, growth can happen quickly, so you need to manage your assets and keep your finances organized.

Accounting software is important here as it will keep track of incoming funds and allow you to budget accordingly so you know how you can grow in the future. Pair that with high-quality payroll software that will track employee productivity and keep a lid on unnecessary overtime so you can focus your funds on expansion.

Software is important, but if you want to really understand and manage your finances effectively, consider going back to school and earning an accounting degree online. In this type of program, you’ll learn how to interpret financial information so you can make smarter business decisions. Online programs offer more flexibility than traditional in-person institutions.  

Your business will undoubtedly have its up sand downs but with the right people and the best tools, you will see the growth you desire.


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