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Design Your Website for Success

January 27, 2022

It is vital to maintain a presence online in today's business world. However, it is not enough to simply have a website. You need to build your site with growth in mind to ensure continued success.

Integrate Your Systems

Typically, a business's Customer Relationship Management tool and its Enterprise Resource Planning system are separate operating solutions. However, by integrating your CRM and ERP, you can streamline your processes, helping you to improve your bottom line. Both these systems contain essential data for your business's development and success. Combining the systems enables you to minimize record-keeping and keeps your information together, providing you with a single crucial data source.

Your CRM and ERP systems work best if you set them up as a cohesive unit. CRM software manages your customer information, purchases and history, giving you insight into effective marketing and sales techniques. Your ERP system simplifies management processes such as scheduling, planning and data-driven workflows for your company. Integrating the two systems allows you to have more visibility and control.

Utilize Internal Tools

Many internal tools can work with your website to optimize your internal processes. Some helpful tools include:

Dashboards/Database Graphical User Interfaces help display data, making it easier to interpret.

• CRM software helps your marketing team identify the best methods for gaining new clients.

• Inventory applications automate processes that manage orders and shipments.

• Admin panels manage backend operations to track transactions and approve user access.

Enable Your Website To Take Payments

Building your site to incorporate customer payments is crucial for your business growth. Make sure the system you choose works well for you and your clients. Balance API is a product from Plaid that can provide real-time information regarding bank account balances. Incorporating it into your online payment system or app can provide essential data that helps you avoid credit card fees. It also gives your patrons peace of mind knowing they have the money available to make the required payments.

Design Your Site To Increase Conversions

A web designer like My Creative Pixel can take your site to the next level by incorporating innovative and thoughtful design choices that grab users' attention, increase search traffic and improve your site's overall performance. Consider the following tips for a well-constructed site:

• Keep user experience in mind. Your design can build consumer trust and credibility if it is easy to navigate.

• Understand how to incorporate search engine optimization techniques to increase site visits.

• Follow suggested design principles such as the rule of thirds to ensure placement based on people's natural eye patterns. Use white space or negative space to help your customers find information quickly.

• Understand how your color choices affect your site's users. Studies show that people initially decide to stay on a website based on color alone.

• Optimize your site for mobile users. Most people search for information from their phones.

• Minimize available choices on each webpage. Too many options tend to feel overwhelming, causing the person not to take any action. Call to action buttons that stand out on your page improve your conversion rates.

Building a website that not only looks good but operates efficiently is a critical component of your company's success. Integrating operating systems helps optimize your productivity and enables you to access data quicker for better management. Web design involves many elements that are crucial for your ongoing business growth.

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