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A Business Owner's Guide to Improving Workplace Collaboration

April 15, 2022

Written By: Gloria Martinez

Promoting collaboration in your company can yield some amazing long-term results. Business experts tout workplace collaboration as being a secret to higher employee retention and a better business environment. When your team members are given the chance to collaborate with one another, they may feel a powerful sense of inclusion and purpose at your company. Combining the creative talents of multiple teams can have profound effects on your company's overall productivity as well. You can start improving collaboration within your company right away by implementing a few simple solutions today, including those presented below by My Creative Pixel.

Create a Culture for Collaboration

Workplace collaboration begins with the very culture of the company itself. Employees will feel more empowered to work together when the environment is one of open communication where collaboration is rewarded and celebrated.

As a business owner, you can create opportunities for cross-team collaboration by initiating projects with overlap zones. For example, a new marketing campaign is a perfect opportunity for product innovators and graphic designers to share ideas on how best to present an item to the public. The success of these collaborative endeavors deserves to be recognized so that those involved might receive greater opportunities in the future.

Implement Collaborative Software

Technology and specialized software can enhance just about every facet of your business. The ability to communicate, collaborate, and share work materials can be improved by putting the right tools in the hands of your employees. The best workplace communication platforms enable teammates to communicate instantly, share documents, and find crucial project information all in one app. Teams and project members should also have access to shared drives where work materials and resources can be made readily available to all collaborators.

Include Remote Work Solutions

Collaboration is all about encouraging teams to grow and increase productivity by working together. To that end, one solution is to expand the pool of talent in your teams to remote workers and freelancers. Your teams stand to benefit greatly from the expertise that only a freelancer specializing in their field can provide.

The implementation of collaborative software and time tracking tools makes it easy to add outside expertise to your projects. As an added bonus, your existing employees may appreciate the opportunity for a better work-life balance provided by your new remote work solutions. Your company may even lower its operating costs significantly in the long run by sourcing work to remote employees with their own home office setups.

Verify Productivity and Progress

It is important to gauge the efficacy of your collaborative work initiative after it has been underway for some time. Take the opportunity to verify which collaboration efforts are paying off and which areas can be improved. A process mapping template is a powerful resource that enables you and your team to analyze the various projects and their outcomes at your company. It also has the added benefit of helping all involved stay organized and on task.

Collaboration is a solution that allows the astounding talent at your company to be utilized to its fullest. It is often the case that individuals on one team may have insight that can solve a problem that another team is facing. Promoting cross-team collaboration allows for these situations in which different teams can become greater than the sum of their parts.

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